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Creating an offshore company in Delaware (USA)

This is a particularly attractive jurisdiction within the offshore sector because of its services and legislation. The American state of Delaware has been allowed to develop these types of offshore structures since 1965.
The state of Delaware is the most attractive of all of the US states when it comes to players in the world of business. The state is recognised as being the most favourable when it comes to investment and capitalism.
This is the place to settle on the North American continent. A simple operation, lack of bureaucracy, and low annual fees can result in maximum profits with minimum restraints.
The judicial system which has been developed in the United States is the one which is best equipped to handle commercial disputes.

Interest for Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Delaware

A place of choice for many companies throughout the world.

Local tax laws and corporation laws in this area of jurisdiction make it a place of choice for many businesses.
At the G20 summit, the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg complained that the OECD blacklist does not include Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada – the states of the US which allow offshore companies to be set up in complete security.
The fact that fiscal competition between the countries attracts tax residents and international businesses is a fundamental transatlantic reality. Furthermore, implementing the same tax regulations and legal systems in all of the states within the US would totally contradict the “American spirit”.
This is one of the reasons why the US administration is not as demanding as is the case in other tax havens.


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Difference in taxation laws between the various states of the USA

The United States is a federal state; citizens and businesses must accept that there are differences in legislation and taxation between the individual states. Therefore, the small state of Delaware (870,000 inhabitants) has become a global giant for tax haven enterprises, with 40% of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange being located there.

Delaware has a strong fiscal attraction.

Very specific forms of taxation can partly explain this phenomenon: Profits which companies make from their operations which are conducted outside of its borders are not taxed in Delaware.
This state neither has any income tax or “sales tax” (which is the US equivalent of VAT), both of which apply to the purchase of many goods in other states. On the other hand, federal tax is imposed, including income taxes on both individuals and businesses.
The way Delaware law governs businesses is also highly advantageous: Courts are “pro-business” meaning that may commercial disputes can be settled by trial without juries being required to appoint any business lawyers, meaning these disputes can be both tried and resolved very quickly.
Delaware jurisprudence is well suited towards business management in situations of shareholder takeover disputes, and with regards to protecting the rights of American consumers. Financial statements for a company registered in Delaware do not have to be physically kept on the state territory. This is a tax haven which has nothing to do with notions of secrecy often associated with other offshore centres.

Advantages of Delaware jurisdiction

Characteristics of Delaware companies

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