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Creating an offshore company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong enjoys an unprecedented economic status and has liberal economic policies. Hong Kong is particularly well recommended to set up agreements which involve the exchange of goods.


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For an offshore project, Hong Kong is unquestionably the most suitable destination for developing economic activities while combining them with low levels of taxation. Hong Kong is the destination with the best reputation, and which projects an undeniably serious image.

Hong Kong is the largest commercial port in the world which welcomes thousands of entrepreneurs who are seeking a reliable and secure area of jurisdiction.

Hong Kong is a top class financial centre, and is not considered to be an offshore location. You will be able to maintain the quality of your relationships with clients and partners, who know what it is like to work within a professional but stable area of jurisdiction.

All kinds of commercial activities are conducted in Hong Kong. However, people choose this destination as a part of import/export services, online sales, international commerce, and other intangible services.

Hong Kong cannot be found on any blacklist and its first class banking system certainly does make it one of the world’s most popular offshore jurisdictions.

Despite the costs setting up a business here, Hong Kong nevertheless will reward high levels of business by offering a series of significant savings.

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