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Creating an offshore company in BVI (British Virgin Islands)


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With high levels of stability and economic prosperity for one of the most important groups of islands in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are under United Kingdom rule and consist of 36 islands and islets. They have an area of 153 km² and a population of around 22,700 inhabitants.

The BVI are able to offer tax benefits. It comprises of just one jurisdiction which is simple to implement, and is not expensive. However, it is not always easy to use for invoicing purposes as it gives the impression of being a tax haven. This destination is preferred within the context of international relations.

You are not obliged to maintain accounting records and do not have to submit annual accounts.

The BVI are an offshore location which is of particular interest to companies who operate in the fields of service industries, consultancy, intangible services such as counselling and other services, and which have their staff employed overseas.

This destination is also very popular for holding copyrights, licences, trademarks, and other types of levy.

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