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Creating an offshore company in Belize

Belize, possibly better known as, British Honduras is an independent state with an area of around 23,000 km², which is bordered by both Mexico and by Guatemala, and which is situated on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

The main commercial hub which is located close to its largest international airport is Belize City, although the capital city is Belmopan. The population of Belize is approximately 300,000, of whom around 60,000 live in Belize City.

Belize has a long history of peace, stability, and democracy. Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth. Successful governments have engaged in economic development and international investment incentives.


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In addition to being a growing offshore location, Belize has managed to preserve its environment, and is a popular destination for eco-tourists. The country also possesses a number of Mayan archaeological sites.
The offshore and financial sectors are generating an increasing proportion of its national income.

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