You are a cross-border commuter, or a foreign person, and you wish to reside in Switzerland?

Every year a large number of companies are created in Switzerland, and an increasing number of these choose Geneva (surrounding areas) as the location for their enterprises headquarters, especially for the French-speaking regions.

If you want to start an enterprise in Geneva or generally in western Switzerland, you have to follow some specific steps.

The setting up of a company in Geneva consist of some very formal procedures which can vary considerably depending on some factors, such as business entity used by the enterprise and the canton where the enterprise is registered.

 Our fiduciary specialist helps and supports you in this process.


The various stages for the formation of companies with share capital are as follows:

  • The choice of legal entity (PLC, Ltd.,…);
  • The amount of share capital (CHF 20,000, CHF 100,000,…);
  • The notarial deed;
  • Registration within the Commercial Register;
  • The release of share capital;
  • Membership of various organizations, and compulsory insurance policies.

AZFH is able to provide you with all of these services and will be able to support you throughout the entire life of your business.