All businesses which have share capital (PLC, Ltd.) are subject either to regular audit’s, or to interim audits, and subsequently have to appoint an auditing company.

AZFH can facilitate all the necessary complex regulatory auditing requirements to complete the audited accounts to the legal requirements.

Here is a short reminder of the law:

It is possible to withdraw from annual interim audits (opting out).

When the conditions which require that accounts be regularly monitored by an auditor on an annual basis are not met, then the company must submit its annual accounts during an interim audit (Art. 727a, Paragraph 1 of Swiss Code of Obligations). The company may withdraw from annual interim audits with the consent of the shareholders/partner(s), and subsequently may appoint an auditor should it employ no more than ten full-time members of staff on a yearly average (Art. 727a, Paragraph 2 of Swiss Code of Obligations, and Art. 62, Paragraph 1 of Swiss Ordinance on the Commercial Register).

When conditions which require that the withdrawal from routine audits are met, then AZFH will handle the necessary paperwork for these changes.