Since 2010 we have specialized in the Completion of tax declarations of companies in western Switzerland.

In general, Switzerland has an attractive tax system for firms.

Corporate taxation in Switzerland is divided into two levels:

  • a cantonal tax (variable)
  • a federal tax (fixed)




Because the tax regime in Switzerland is federalist, the tax burden varies considerably from one canton to another. On the federal level, corporation tax is a single payment corresponding to 8.5% of your net profit.

Such a system encourages tax competition between the cantons. As a result, some cantons offer a low rate of cantonal corporation tax. Thus, the location of your business can make a remarkable difference on your balance sheet at the end of the year, and also to allow your business to have significant tax benefits.

AZFH has the expertise and experience to advise you on how to set up an ideal, domiciled company that receives all its revenue from sales made outside of Switzerland, or which involves the formation of an auxiliary company whose primary activity will be to administer a company which has its headquarters abroad and provides services for the latter. This entails the set up of a holding company, whose aim is to benefit from implementing an effective tax optimisation process.

AZFH is able to provide you with all of these services, and will be able to support you throughout the entire life of your business.

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